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As an excellent homework answers providers to students in every subject, our service is the most convenient one in the market where you get the questions or quizzes done online by our professional teachers. We must all agree that it is difficult for students to complete all their assignments on the time specified hence this website comes in handy.  In today’s education cycle, classwork and syllabuses cannot be completed without the learner and tutor playing their part thus large amount of assignments are left for the kids to complete. The following are easy and well explained steps to get started on this website.

Using the website-existing users 

For a person that is already registered and has an account, submitting or posting your assignment is easy, simple and free. You can post your questions either while logged in or similarly as a guest but for consistency and indication of the answers to your account. It is paramount that you give the details of the email address already in use on the site. As a logged in user, you don’t have to provide an email address when posting the quizzes or problems that you are getting in your assignment. All that is required are the rest of the details in the form which by now is familiar to you, to get started CLICK HERE.

Remedies for late submission by a teacher

Assuming the person you signed an agreement with did not deliver on time and neither has he or she communicated as to why this happened, the following could be done;

Communicating with the contracted tutor

Using our messaging service, a professor can receive messages from any user. This would hence include a complaint from a student about lateness. Remind the teacher that it is past the due date and that you really need to submit it for grading. He or she should definitely reply to your inquiry and give specific timeline on when you will receive the answer. Should communication fail, here is another option to get the attention of your tutor.

Filing a dispute 

Every contract signed on our site has some monetary value and that is why we request users to make thirty percent down payment to seal an agreement. The purpose of this contractual agreement is to make sure that every party to it meets his or her obligations. With the signed deal, you can comfortably file disputes, rate the teacher and get a refund incase the teacher didn’t deliver as agreed. To file a dispute, get the specific PayPal transaction code and go to My homework>Disputes. Click on file dispute, select the specific code number and indicate the reason for the dispute. The transaction code can be found on your sent payments panel. The funds in the teachers received payments section shall be held hence he cannot withdraw them. He will have to either deliver your solutions or make a full refund for your downpayment for the dispute to be resolved. Refunded monies shall appear on your received payments section and they shall be eligible for withdrawal after ten days. Withdrawals are processed by the admin within 24 hours. Only one dispute can be filed for every transaction code.

Accessing your question’s answers  

Since the signing of the contract, the teacher selected has been working on your assignment and now has posted them to your question. It is now time for you to complete the contract’s obligation by purchasing that exact solution from the expert assigned. To do this, you will need to go to your questions page and scroll down until you find the Answer section. If you see multiple teachers have submitted solutions to your questions, then you are obligated to purchase the one from your contract party. This is because if you get it from other tutors, a completely new purchase shall be processed and down payment paid won’t be deducted from the transaction. After you have picked the answer from your earlier selected teacher, click on the purchase button and proceed as instructed by the system .When the process is completed, you will be redirected back to the answer page. Download any available attachments and also copy and paste any other content that would be on the page. Take you time to review the solution and indicate to the tutor any revisions which could be necessary. Purchased answers can always be accessed by the user at any time. You can view them by going to your homework pane and clicking on the Purchased Answers tab.

Utilizing our tutorials 

Times may come when you find a question that is exactly like yours. Luckily, a teacher has already answered it and for purposes of time, you buy the solved problem. The purchased solution should only be used as a tutorial and guide to freshly re-writing a new one. This will help in avoiding submission of plagiarized work for grading which could lead to high penalties from you professor, teacher or instructor. Every Answer box has details about how many students have used it and who posted it. This could help a great deal in avoiding plagiarism since the ones purchased by several students would require re-writing before submitting .There is no limit to the number of times a question can be answered and hence several tutors may provide solutions to a specific question. If you find a tutorial that is answered by many teachers, please consider purchasing the one that has not been previously bought. You should consider the ratings and reviews of the answer’s author and also compare prices. For a non-purchased answer, it is always advised that you do a plagiarism check and verify if it has been utilized by any other student earlier.

Get working. 

Now it time to get to work. First you need to be aware of new homework questions. This is ultimately possible due to the messages sent by our system to your inbox every time a question relevant to you has been posted. To bid on the work, you have to proactively approach the student and let him or her know that you can provide quality solution(s) to that specific question. The approach is made by sending handshake messages. To convince the student enough, please give conceptual details and let him know that you understand the facts about that work. You can also show him or her examples of your work and give guarantees about the quality of answers you will deliver.

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19701 Nclex Others Homework Help $50.00 0
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19696 Exercise 13 Questions to Be Graded only #2,3,5,8 Statistics Homework Help $60.00 0
19695 Essay Essay writing Homework Help $12.00 0
19694 Essay Needed 6 Essay writing Homework Help $15.00 1
19692 Essay Needed 5 Essay writing Homework Help $15.00 1
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19690 Essay Needed 4 Essay writing Homework Help $20.00 1
19689 Assignment 1 Essay writing Homework Help $20.00 1
19688 Essay Needed 3 Essay writing Homework Help $20.00 1
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19675 Fundermental in nursing Others Homework Help $20.00 0
19674 add and subtract desimals Math Homework Help $1.00 0
19673 add and subtract desimals Math Homework Help $1.00 0
19672 Final Paper Outline Human Resource Management Homework Help $10.00 1
19671 operation security Information Systems Homework Help $6.00 0
19670 astronomy Physics Homework Help $10.00 0
19669 write a paragraph to answer the question Essay writing Homework Help $10.00 0
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