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You will have to write 6 pages covering the following:

Are schools for students with special needs in Saudi Arabia ready to implement family-centered practice? You will have to write 6 pages covering the following: 1. Introduction and Research area (the context in which your research question has emerged) 2. Research problem or issue (problem statement or topic; what the study is about) 3. Research question (the overarching research question you are interested in). • What are families and professionals’ typical and ideal practice to educate children with special need? • What are parents and professionals’ attitudes and behaviors towards the concept of family-centered practice in special education programs? • What barriers did parents and professionals identify to implement family-centered approach in their schools? 4. Significance of the study (what contributions are made to knowledge and practice) • Family-centered practices is not well-known in Saudi Arabia. 5. Literature review (a summary and critical analysis of previous research and how it relates to this study). At least eight peer-review references (journal articles, books, book chapters) are required. APA in-text citation and referencing style is expected. 6. It will be using a mixed method approach. 7. Attached is a useful source.

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Due on: April 30, 2020 00:00

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