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Metz/Management 306/ Example Memo For Example, Choose one of the following topics, and write a clear, convincing, and detailed memo. Your memo should contain a minimum of three relevant primary examples. Each primary example should be explained and detailed using secondary examples, which will help give your ideas depth and clarity. Remember, your memo’s length does NOT matter to me, but the detail and depth of your ideas and examples are VERY IMPORTANT - so choose your words and examples wisely! These are very unique times, so your ideas/examples should also be new and fresh. No one likes the same old, tired ideas; therefore, be creative! You MUST use unique and fresh ideas/examples. FORMAT CHANGE ALERT!!! Writers are over-using BULLET POINTS . This has led to a lack of development. Instead of bullet points, use paragraphs - this should help you write more complete, detailed, and developed ideas. (This is my hope.) If you do use bullet points, be sure these ideas are also clear and detailed. As always, you can write as much or as little as you desire. Just be certain your ideas are fully explained! Note: use business format: single spaced, double space between sections, headings, bold, effective white space. Do not indent any of the paragraphs, as business format uses block paragraphs. There are sample papers on BB for your reference. If you have any questions about this, please let me know. Good luck! Metz/Management 306/ Example Memo 1. The current pandemic is causing pain and suffering throughout the world and is causing world-wide stress, depression, and low morale. The “stay-at-home” order is having a negative impact on even the most hopeful and positive people. Businesses have also been impacted by the threat of this pandemic, as employees have reported feeling overworked, stressed, and fearful. Low morale in the workplace has always been a concern for employers and employees alike. The current pandemic has business owners and mangers trying to create programs to help their employees deal with the impact of low morale, created by the COVID-19 virus. Low morale has crept into your workplace - 306 Industries - which is a mid-sized medical supply company. Your employees have expressed their concerns to you - complaining of long hours, health concerns, and stress. As the general manager, you have noticed the decrease in morale and have started to see the negative impact it is having on even your best employees. In the past, your company has used many ineffective ideas to help improve morale. Employee of the Week/Month, employee potlucks/ picnics, office celebrations, and increase vacation time have all been tried - and have all failed miserably. These ideas seem especially weak and ineffective during these incredibly stressful and confusing times. The company’s owner has asked you to come up with better ideas and provide several quality examples/ideas designed to help raise employees’ morale during this pandemic. Write a memo to employees of 306 Industries that explains each of your NEW, FRESH, ORIGINAL, EXCITING ideas. Be as clear and specific as possible when discussing the ideas you are proposing, and explain how each idea will help increase the morale at work. Metz/Management 306/ Example Memo 2. According to recent data and health experts, most victims of the COVID-19 virus typically have “under-lying” medical conditions. This means they have previous medical issues that prevent them from successfully battling the virus. American workers are some of the unhealthiest people in the world. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking, and stress have caused the American worker to become sicker and sicker. In response to this health crisis, many businesses are already trying to find ways to help keep their employees healthy - not just to avoid the current virus, but healthy enough to avoid any future pandemics. You are a health/wellness expert, specializing in helping businesses create a healthier workforce. You have been hired by 306 Industries - a mid-size medical supply company that wants its workers to improve their overall health. 306 Industries has given you a generous budget to work with and expects several exciting, healthy options. In the past, the company has tried to improve employee health using these programs: giving employees free gym passes, removing the vending machines, and creating intramural sports teams. All of these programs failed to motivate the employees to become healthier - perhaps because these ONLY focused on weight loss. What ideas/examples can you come up with to help improve the overall health of these employees? What programs would you create, and how would these programs of yours help improve the health of these workers. Your assignment is to write a MEMO to the EMPLOYEES at 306 Industries. Explain the NEW, ORIGINAL, FRESH, EXCITING programs you have come up with and the benefits these will have on their health.

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Due on: April 26, 2020 00:00

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