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You are required to write ONE short analysis paper of a minimum of 1,200 words

You are required to write ONE short analysis paper of a minimum of 1,200 words (maximum 1,500 words). The paper is worth 10% of the final grade. This paper is NOT meant to be a mere summary of the readings and materials for Module 5, but instead, you should critically analyze and synthesize the week’s materials (reading and videos), and should integrate the week’s readings within the broader sociopolitical and historical context. The paper should discuss ALL the assigned materials for the week the paper is due, i.e. Module 5. The paper is to be submitted on Canvas. The paper should pay particular attention to: The authors’ central arguments—what are the questions, outcomes or puzzles the authors are directly or indirectly addressing? What empirical evidence do the authors provide to support their arguments? How do the readings/videos relate to the literature on international justice more broadly? What are the key contributions of the works under review? What are some of the potential shortcomings of the authors/commentators’ arguments? The paper should be submitted as .pdf files and saved in the following format: 1. First name, underscore, last name, underscore, analysis, underscore, paper. For example: Arnaud_Kurze_Analysis_Paper The paper should have a title, student name and course as well as sub headers, (refer to APA style guideline at (Links to an external site.)). Sub headers are as follows: Argument Empirical Evidence Contribution and Impact Shortcomings Please refer also to sample analysis paper.Actions VIDEOS:


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