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Write a 4–5-page APA-formatted paper

Assignment Details (Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, References) (4-30-2020) Write a 4–5-page APA-formatted paper on international project management within the context of planning, controlling, and improving global operations management projects For this project, select a well-known, global manufacturer or provider of services. Examine the methods and systems with which this organization plans, controls, and improves global operations management projects. Be sure to include concepts from any or all of the units in this course. The following are some project ideas: • Section One: Planning topics that include the following: o Global business environment o Barriers to trade o Culture o Organizational structures o Strategy • Section Two: Controlling topics that include the following: o Operations management o Decision-making methods o Capacity planning • Section Three: Improving topics that include the following: o Quality control o Supply chain management o Enterprise resource management Assignment Details (Discussion Question – 300 plus words) (4-30-2020) Discuss the following in your main post: • Discuss the challenges faced by companies that have subsidiaries in foreign countries. • Cultural differences can cause conflict resolution among international teams to be more difficult. Discuss a method that would be effective. • Do you believe the organizational culture should be altered based on the national culture of the area where operations are conducted? Assignment Details (5-2-2020) The CEO has asked you and Jane to create a chart that he might use as part of his decision process in deciding what countries in which to locate overseas factories. He also wants an accompanying recommendation summary from an HR perspective. • Prepare a 6-column, 5-row chart for the following countries and parameters: o Columns (countries) are:  Japan  Mexico  India  China  Italy  Germany o Rows (factors to research) for each country are:  Average manufacturing wage  Country's minimum wage  Typical restrictive work rules where there are unions  How unions enhance or detract from company results  Country's unemployment rate o It is unlikely that you will find all of the necessary data in one online database. Instead, you will have to research a number of different ones. o In addition, in some cases you may have to make calculations from a "base=100" report to get an actual dollar figure. • Ensure that you cite the references used, in proper APA format. o Wikipedia is an unacceptable reference o For minimum wages, try one of the following sites:  Minimum wages  List of minimum wages by country o For unemployment percentages try the following site:  Unemployment rate (most recent) by country (be sure to note the year of the data) • Your recommendation summary should explain which country you recommend for the future overseas expansion, based solely on the data in your chart.

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