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write a 3-4 page essay following the instructions.

MY LEARNING STYLE: Reflective (kolbs learnig styles) We have covered in class that we all have our own unique individual learning style. Your learning style is not a fix personality trait; it’s more of a steady-state and is your dynamic way of navigating how you learn. You have developed a learning style because it works for you and dealing with challenges of all kinds. Your learning style helps you to be successful because you gravitate to situations that call for the skills associated with your style. Through repeated practice, you become more capable of dealing with situations that demand the capability of your preferred style. People seek stability, so they typically match their life situations with their preference in order to stay within their comfort zone. Learning flexibility is the ability to use all of the learning styles in response to various situations. By adding learning styles into your repertoire, it can give you a complete set of skills to creatively manage new and different situations while learning in the process. What happens when you come into a situation that compromises that stability? We find ourselves in a very uncertain time recently. Currently, what everyone is experiencing globally is profound and has never been encountered by our generation. Your original engagement assignment was flexing your learning style's comfort zone. Again, learning flexibility is the ability to use all the learning styles in response to various situations and we wanted to challenge you to explore a learning style outside of your comfort zone to explore utilizing different styles. Given the particular circumstances we are all facing, I think we are all well outside our comfort zone, so I am changing the assignment to reflect what you are each experiencing. I would like you all to write a 3 to 4-page reflection on this major life transition. Talk about your learning style and how you are dealing with these challenges of a pandemic. What potential challenges and transitions can you foresee? Are there improvements that can be made by utilizing the learning cycle? Apply the learning cycle to reflect on alternatives to how you can respond to your current challenges or the future challenges that you may be anticipating.

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Due on: April 26, 2020 00:00

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