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Wk6 Pre-Presentation Questions

Why did it take Xanadu so long to be released? How does medium (whether something is in print vs on a screen) affect permanence (how long something lasts) according to Birkerts? Why are digital texts ephemeral? Smith, Dave. (June 6, 2014). Xanadu, the world’s most delayed software, is finally released after 54 years in the making. Business Insider. ← This is just a portal article to the larger idea of an alternative to the web that is open, free of ads, etc. so whoever chooses will need to jump into a rabbit hole and report back. (cf. Birkerts, Sven . (1994). Chapter 11: Hypertext: Of mouse and man. The Gutenberg elegies: The fate of reading in an electronic age. ← whoever chooses this should also read an NPR story on ebooks and other things they can find! Also read / watch: Chayko, Mary. (2017). Chapter 2: Creating the Internet Age. In Superconnected: The Internet, digital media, & techno-social life. SciShow. How the Internet was invented [video]. Hypertext: An educational experiment in English and computer science at Brown University [video]. The Internet as it was in 1996 [video].

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