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What should a philosophy of education include?

Total of 2 pages Please see attachment What should a philosophy of education include? How do you view the role of school in society? What are the purposes of education? How do we assure that schools serve all students well? How do you view the student? What is the student's role in his/her education? How do we assure that all students are prepared to assume that role? How do you view the role of the teacher? How is this consistent with the above beliefs? What are the primary responsibilities of the teacher in a society that values diversity? How will you design your curriculum, instruction, assessment and classroom management so that it will best maximize the learning of the very diverse population of students you can expect to find in your classrooms? Given the diversity of families, how will you include them in the education of their children? After considering these questions, develop an outline that describes your personal beliefs about teaching a particular grade level or subject. Do not write in generalities -- be specific, so that your philosophy reflects what you value and hold important. At the same time, be sure that all of your ideas support what you value in education. Consider your audience to be your future employer, so be genuine in expressing your personal beliefs. Write a rough draft, specifying the age/grade/subject early in the paper. Check to see if there is a smooth transition from one idea to another. Ask a friend or classmate to proof your draft. Refine your draft from any feedback you received into the final document. The completed philosophy of education statement should be three to four pages in length double-spaced with one inch margins with a 12 point font. Use a font such as Times New Roman, which is easy to read and do not use a color other than black in your final document. Blackboard will automatically check your paper for plagiarism using SafeAssign. The paper does not need to be written in APA format.

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