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What is the dysfunction or issue

For this assignment, you will need to create a business proposal. Now, don’t get too nervous. This is not like sketching out a whole business plan. Rather, this is your chance to apply what you have learned to your current situation. Using the pages at the end of the 5 Dysfunctions text that focus specifically on understanding and overcoming the dysfunction (and any other resources), create a series of suggestions that would help your team address the dysfunctions presented within the book. Be as specific as possible in your suggestions. The following prompts may help to guide your proposal: What is the dysfunction or issue? What do you suggest should be done about it? Why will this help? What will the team gain? Who should be involved, when should it happen, where should it happen? What costs may be involved? IMPORTANT - Conclude your project with an explanation of the outcomes you believe your intervention will produce. five dysfuntions of a team 1. Inattention to Result 2. Avoidance of Accountability 3. Lack of Commitment 4. Fear of Conflict 5. Absence of Trust

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