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They are 2 discussion boards post below. read and Reply to each discussion post 100 words per each response so total 200words. Responses should demonstrate critical thinking and comprehension of the discussion topic and are strengthened when they are supported by additional research. You are expected to provide supporting details for your response; that support may come from the points covered in the readings and additional external research all source must be cited and listed (appropriately cited) in APA. Week 7 - Hurricane Katrina (Discussion): John W. 1. Weyerhaeuser made a one-year commitment to help their employees living in New Orleans who were victims of Katrina. What types of assistance was provided under this commitment and what impact did it have on the lives of those most affected? The Weyerhaeuser one-year commitment helped their employees who were victims of Hurricane Katrina in many ways. Some of the different types of assistance that was provided under the Weyerhaeuser one-year commitment are: Direct Cash Donation- This support funded direct cash to the Red Cross disaster, for relief and rebuilding efforts for affected areas. Adopt a Family Program- Provided information resources, and guidance, to employees, retirees affected throughout the company with Weyerhaeuser families. Encouraging Employee Philanthropic Giving- This organization was funded by employees to help support other organizations such as American Red Cross, that are supporting the communities that were affected by the disaster. Corporate Response Leadership- A resource that was started up by the CEO, that lead a corporate response from his participation in the Business Roundtable. Wood Debris Disposal- With the company’s experience in recycling Wood, the company assisted in debris removal. Loaned Employee Program- The company supported their employees by offering to pay salary, transportation, food, and lodging expenses. These assistance programs have impacted the lives of those most affected by rebuilding homes, providing food, counselling, and providing of shelter. This helped emotionally, financially, and physically to all those affected. 2. Please research and provide an overview of a company that provided assistance to the victims of Hurricane Katrina outside of the three organizations listed in the case study. What was their level of contribution and how did it impact those most affected? One company that helped the victim of Hurricane Katrina, outside of the three organizations listed in the case study is the private hospital company HCA. HCA donated $1 million to American Red Cross relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina. HCA also identified key gaps in the response to the devastating Florida hurricanes such as cell phone failures and impassable roads. In the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina, senior management leased 20 helicopters to evacuate their Tulane hospital (Theroux, 2005). Reference: Chapter 11: Business Community Response in Hurricane Katrina. (n.d.) Content located on UMUC portal, IFSM 432 Course 7380. Theroux, M. L. (2005, October 20). Public and Private Responses to Katrina: Mary L. G. Theroux. Retrieved April 12, 2020, from Week 7 - 2 - Krizia Network Backups—select two network backup solutions (one hardware/appliance and one cloud-based). Describe the solutions, the features, benefits and cost of each product/solution. Which one would you select for your business and why? WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is a network storage device for small business owners who manage their business or company at home. It provides secure access to files or data remotely, simply syncing, easy sharing content, features customizable cloud features, and fast performance. The WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is also accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones using the My Cloud apps on mobile devices and desktops. It provides RAID technology, which allows multiple hard drives then mirror them and that means you’ll have an additional back up if the primary back up fails. You can select from various models (diskless, 4TB, 8TB, or 12 TB) with a two-year warranty. The price range is from $160 to $600. WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is easy to set up, affordable and was built to support media but a disadvantage is there are fewer third-party plug-in or applications than alternatives. The WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra offers a clean design, both externally and with the user interface, home/small office targeted features, and one of the easiest setups on the NAS market, all at an affordable price (Storage Review, 2016). Google Cloud for Work/GSuite is a cloud computing service that provides tools like productivity and collaboration. I had very little experience with this until my daughters began their online schooling. My 9-year-old and 7-year-old knew how to navigate through G Suite. G Suite has everything you need and is easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can access Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, Email, Calendar and conference calls. A business package that includes better office suite features with unlimited storage is $12 a month. An enterprise package that includes office features and unlimited storage like the business package but provides enterprise-grade access control with key enforcement and data loss prevention is $25 a month. G Suite offers and provides the highest security and protection. If I had to select WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra or G Suite, I would go with G Suite. G Suite is easy to use, affordable and provides good security measures and protection. It is a one-stop-shop for a business like email, calendar, data storage and video conference calls. I believe in the future, backup hardware will be phased out like how to many laptops no longer have disk inserts. Storage Review (2016) WD my cloud ex2 ultra review Retrieved from

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