Student: Stanley

Week 2 - Discussion

Readiness/Learning Profile “…Multiple intelligences describe an individual’s strengths or capacities; learning styles describe an individual’s traits that relate to where and how one best learns” (Tomlinson, 2001). This week you’ve read about the importance of getting to know your students in order to create relevant and engaging lesson plans that cater to multiple intelligences and are multimodal. Assignment Instructions: A. Using SurveyMonkey (Links to an external site.), create a survey that has: At least five questions based on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences At least five additional questions on individual learning style inventory A specific targeted student population grade level (elementary/ middle/ high school/adults) Include the survey link for your peers B. Post a minimum 150 word introduction to your survey, using at least one research-based article (cited in APA format) explaining how it will: Evaluate students’ levels of readiness. Use knowledge of the student's Multiple Intelligences, Learning Style Preferences, and Levels of Readiness to assist in the creation of differentiated lesson plans.

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Due on: May 03, 2020 00:00

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