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Web Exercise 3 Focus Text – Chapters 5 & 6 In this exercise, you will identify elements of the communication process and then analyze the source, message, and channel factors for Toyota’s Sienna campaign. First, watch the “Swagger Wagon” video for the Toyota Sienna, which you can view at (If clicking the link above doesn't work, please copy and paste the URL in a new browser window instead) This music video is based off a campaign of Sienna commercials that became viral sensations. After watching the video and exploring this site, visit the following websites for additional components of the campaign:!/Welcome Successful completion of the following questions will require you to integrate information from the Chapter 5 and 6 readings. Please provide your answers to the following questions in the Web Exercise submission area within this folder. 1. Who is the source for the Sienna “Swagger Wagon” ad? Who are the receivers and audience of this campaign? 2. Source attractiveness encompasses similarity, familiarity, and likability. How persuasive do you think this campaign is to its receivers, based on these characteristics? 3. What is the meaning that the company is trying to convey in the Sienna campaign? 4. What appeal is being used in this campaign? Why do you think Toyota chose this type of appeal? 5. How can feedback for this entire Sienna campaign be collected, and how would it determine effectiveness of the campaign?

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