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Visual Impairments Worksheet

Chapter 12: Visual Impairments Worksheet Watch the following video to enhance your knowledge about visual impairments and how to accommodate students with visual impairments. You will be watching a variety of teaching strategies and techniques. A. What guiding strategies/techniques mentioned in the video? B. What interesting strategies/techniques mentioned in the video for running with a guide and individually (even on a treadmill)? C. How would the auditory technique be used with visually impaired individuals? D. Can you list 4 teaching strategies that you can use with individuals with visual impairments? What are they talking about when say “preteaching”? E. What is the “whole-part-whole “teaching technique? F. How would you use “task analysis” for those with visual impairment? G. What is the difference between “Tactile Modeling”, “Coactive Movement”, and “Physical guidance”? How would these concepts benefit learn a physical skill? H. List at least 6 ideas did you hear about adapting activities (equipment, rules, boundaries, instruction, and environment) I. What are the areas of “Expanded core curriculum”. Why do you think it is important? J. List 4 things that you catch about “personal” and “emotional” safety?

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