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Using the Theory: Theory of Planned Behavior

Using the Theory: Theory of Planned Behavior and Model: The Community Tool Box (CTB) (University of Kansas Work Group, 1995, 2009 Use the theory and model to investigate. Find 10 -Peer Reviewed Professional Health Journal articles total (5 for the theory and 5 for the model). Download the template to use to critique each article. You will critique 5 theory articles and 5 models (that you are assigned) using the template. Make a reference list and place in the same document at the end of all the articles in APA format. Upload one journal article (full article; not just an abstract). These must be peer reviewed journal articles. No newsletters, editorials, or informational websites accepted. Go online to the library and search for health, psychology, nursing, kinesiology, or medical journals with programs. It must use theory along with the program. These must be different articles than those used in your written program proposal. Grading: 6 criteria for evaluation with 2 sentences each= 10 pts each (6 x 10 = 60 total points) Upload journal article= 20 points Upload references (10 journal articles) = 20 pts Upload your evaluation for each of the 10 articles (5 for the theory and 5 for the model) as one document and copy and paste ONE full journal TEXT article you reviewed using the template (not just the abstract). It must be a valid peer reviewed health journal, only. Go online to the library and look for journal articles.The journal article must be no more than 5 years old. See the list in the syllabus for appropriate journals. These are not ABSTRACTS, newsletters or reports, even if they are from valid resources. They should be articles using research methodology (most are 10-20 pages long and list each part of the research). Include a list of references (10 journal listings in APA format) on the same topic, but just upload and review one full article. Below I have posted a template to follow! Evaluating Articles on the Internet RUBRICS Answer the following questions about the journal article on the Internet or available online through the library with at least two full sentences: (see explanations below) NAME_____________________________________________________________ 1. Source 2. Reason 3. Date 4. Compare to other sites 5. Propaganda or bias 6. Good common sense Quick Tips for Evaluating Articles on the Internet When evaluating articles on the Internet, remember that there is an incredible amount of information out there with no regulation. To determine if something is accurate or inaccurate can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you determine if the information is genuine or fraudulent. 1. Check out the source or authority of the information. Government agencies, reputable universities, and major organizations like the American Cancer Society are clues to accuracy. If necessary, verify the source. 2. Check out the reason for the web posting. If it is advertising something, chances are it is slanted. Even some non-profit organizations may not be credible. Scan the material first to get a good idea of what is in it before you take the time to read it. It may or may not be a waste of your time. 3. Check out the date it was posted or published for determining whether or not the information is current. A good rule of thumb for determining currency is if it was published within the past five years. Remember that medical and other health information can change daily. Historical information may not change and older sources could be reliable. 4. Compare different sites to see if there is consistency among them. Pay attention to content and details for coverage. Credible references and other links are a clue as to the accuracy of the information. 5. Beware of propaganda materials and those with only one viewpoint. Bias without a back up of reputable sources is a good indication that it is only an opinion. 6. Use you own good common sense. If it seems off base, it probably is inaccurate information. Remember, if you don’t feel that a site is authentic then go to another site, because there are many worthwhile sties to view.

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