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Unit 6: Discussion

Unit 6: Discussion 2727 unread replies.2727 replies. Composing Visuals for Business Documents ULOs reflected in discussion: Use and analyze visuals effectively in business documents (CLO 2 and 3) Introduction: This discussion gives you the opportunity to practice using simple tools available in Microsoft Office or free online programs to make visuals appropriate for business documents. This will help you prepare to make visuals for your presentation and your final business report. Directions: Read the scenario in problem 16.8 (pg. 547) in which a local food bank needs some graphics to enhance a request for better funding. Using some of their data, create one effective visual they could use to make their appeal. You don’t need to represent all the data given. Choose one or two pieces of information you think you could represent effectively, and think carefully about the best kinds of visualizations for the point you are trying to make. Use the advice in Ch. 16 and Unit 6 lecture to help you compose your image. When you reply to your peers, evaluate their image. Consider these questions: What do you find effective and why? What aspects of the image could be improved? What interesting approaches did your classmates take to making a persuasive visual? How well do the visuals follow the guidelines in the visuals chapter? What questions do you have about how the image was created

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