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Town Hall Essay Instructions

Town Hall Essay Instructions Any time during the semester, students are required to attend a public government meeting of some kind. This can be a town hall event, candidate forum, city council meeting, school board meeting, etc. So long as it relates to governance and is open to the public, it generally qualifies as a public government meeting. If you are uncertain, ask prior to attending. Document your attendance in a 2-3 page essay on your experience and submit it online. As you become more aware of current political affairs through attending class and completing weekly journals, attending a public meeting allows you to see exactly how government operates at the level most likely to affect you. Pay attention to issues directly relevant to your city, county, neighborhood, etc. Here are questions to guide your attendance and your essay. ● What issues are important to you that local government may address? ● What issues seem most important in your local government currently? ● Are your issues being discussed? ● How are local issues being discussed? ● Do you feel represented by your local government? ● Do you believe local government is aware of issues significant to you? Your community? ● What is attendance like? ● How involved is your local community in local government? With these questions in mind, attend a public government meeting in your local government and submit a 2-3 page essay of the experience online. Formatting requirements: ● Double Spaced ● 1-inch margins ● Times New Roman 12-Point Font Submission requirements: ● Town hall essay due online.

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