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They are 2 discussion boards post below.

They are 2 discussion boards post below. read and Reply to each discussion post 100 words per each response so total 200words. Responses should demonstrate critical thinking and comprehension of the discussion topic and are strengthened when they are supported by additional research. You are expected to provide supporting details for your response; that support may come from the points covered in the readings and additional external research all source must be cited and listed (appropriately cited) in APA Anthony - Week 6, Q2 What is digital convergence? Why is it important? Describe three personal examples where you have benefited from digital convergence and the benefits of each. Digital convergence is the ability to perform, utilize, and/or view the same function across different types of devices. In some cases those devices are not of the same format such as windows, android, and IOS. Regardless of the preferred OS or device, digital convergence enables you to the meet goal of completing a task. My three examples all come from Amazon: Amazon Shopping, Alexa, and Prime Video/Audio. When I originally arrived in Japan online shopping was not very popular, in fact you the only way you could do it was go to physical store fill out the order form in person to have it delivered to your home. Amazon was available, but bare minimum items were sold at double the price. After the events of the 2011 tsunami, Amazon took off and became a hit. Now NTT Docomo, the largest cellphone company in Japan offers free Amazon prime subscription when you sign-up or renew a lease. Regardless of the platform, you can shop on Amazon, just last night I ordered a. Last night, I was even able to order some replace LED light bulbs that will be delivered in a few hours from our Smart TV. Alexa or as my father refers to her as Skynet, not only comes on all Amazon devices (Firestick, FireTV, Kindle, Echo, etc), but you can add Alexa to every other platform Smart TVs, Windows, IOS, and even Smart Homes. FYI, students can get a discount if you register for Amazon Prime, which includes access to Prime Video/Music. I used to get all of my musics and movies through Apple, but with a Prime membership I have access to almost the very same content for a free comes with prime membership. So if I want to listen to my music playlist, I can simple say "Alexa, play my music!" to my Echo Dot. The same applies to my iPhone in the car or movies on my TV. Week 6-1 - Krizia Select three layers of the OSI model. Describe what the layers do, any specific protocols that are utilized in that layer, and why those layers are important. The three layers of the OSI model I have selected are Layers 1-3, which are physical, data link and network. Physical is Layer 1 of the OSI model and it carries the bitstream, light signal or radio signal through the network at the mechanical and electrical level. It provides the hardware means of sending and receiving data on a carrier, including defining cables, cards and physical aspects (Beal, n.d). The most common protocol used in the physical layer is Ethernet. This layer is important because it is responsible for transferring bits from computer to computer. Data Link is layer 2 in the OSI model and it provides for the physical address using Media Access Control (MAC) and Logical Link Control (LLC) address. This layer supplies transmission protocol knowledge. Data Link is important because it is responsible for the node to node delivery of the message and the primary function is to ensure data is transferred error-free from node to node, over layer 2 (physical). The network is layer 3 in the OSI model and it transfers data from one host to the other host location in different networks. The protocol for this layer is the usually the IP but IPX, DDP or AppleTalk can be used also. It also takes care of packet routing i.e. selection of the shortest path to transmit the packet, from the number of routes available (Beal, n.d). Network may be the most important layer in the OSI model because it is in charge of getting the packets of data sent and delivered to the intended receiver Beal, V. (n.d) The 7 Layers of the OSI Model Retrieved from

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