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Survey of Fashion |Designer Mask Assignment | Due Week 4 | 15%

Survey of Fashion |Designer Mask Assignment | Due Week 4 | 15% During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization made it clear that, unless you’re sick or are a medical professional, you do not need to wear a face mask. But other countries have already taken aggressive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by telling citizens to wear masks, even if the masks are homemade. Designer face masks have been around for at least a decade, a niche market catering to the chronically sick along with frequenters of Burning Man and fashionistas in Beijing. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, they are a coveted accessory for people around the globe. For this assignment: • Develop a “designer” mask for either a specific store or a major brand or your own brand • You will be pitching your mask idea to the Board of Directors of the brand (your class) and selling them on the idea as to why your design is a good fit for the brand. • You are making a mock presentation, so be prepared to give a five-minute talk on the customer's relationship to the brand (positioning), why your idea is important to engage the customer, and how much it will cost to make this mask. Use your best costing assumptions. If you are buying retail, cut your costs at least in half. • Explain HOW you will be giving this mask to the consumer. Is there a minimum purchase before they get the mask? Do customers spend $100 and get the mask for free? Or is it a free giveaway to every single client? Or only for select clients who spend a certain amount of money? Maybe they are VIP members of the brand? Maybe this is a limited time offer? Be detailed in how you will sell or give this mask away. • Show your prototype idea to your Board of Directors (class), ready to receive critique as to why it is an excellent idea, or how it could be improved. This will be a 10-min boardroom (class) discussion. This is typical of a marketing board meeting. You are pitching an idea, so be creative, and well-informed on the brand's current marketing strategies and price points of their product line(s). Get creative! You are part of the Marketing Team, so develop an actual prototype of your mask idea, and include a 3-5 page PowerPoint to share with your business partners on the overhead projector as you introduce your new prototype for approval. Your digital theme board should be included. STEPS: 1. Develop a 3 – 5 page PowerPoint that is heavy on visuals. Explain the brand, the client, and a mood board (what inspired the mask?). You can show the PPT before you introduce the actual mask. Be sure to include front and side photographs of someone wearing the mask in your PPT. 2. Tell us how you intend to distribute this mask. Gift with purchase? Special clients who spend a certain amount of money? Explain the marketing pitch on distribution of this mask. 3. Develop a prototype of your mask style. Using a pre-made mask and transform it or preferably sew/make something unique. Get creative! If you can sew, make one. Otherwise, make your prototype using an existing mask and use your creativity to make the bag unique and appropriate for the brand/store you have chosen. 4. This mask should be easily recognizable as fitting with your brand's image. 5. We will display and critique during class Week 4 and it will be “sold” as part of our online pop-up shop project in Week 10/11. GRADING Overall Creativity and Execution of Mask / 60 PowerPoint Presentation / 30 Board of Directors (peer) Assessment / 10 TOTAL / 100

Budget: $15.00

Due on: April 25, 2020 00:00

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