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Stress Relieving Technique Paper

Stress Relieving Technique Paper a literature review and analysis of a stress prevention and management topic from the list below. Yoga Meditation Massage Mindfulness Tai Chi Shiatsu Acupuncture Reiki Aromatherapy Hydroth erapy Music Therapy Biofeedback Autogenics Progressive Muscle Relaxation Breathing Exercises Chromotherapy Feng Shui Ergonomics Laughter Yoga Format of paper: Typed, double spaced, 12 point font, with 1” margins Introduction (200words) What is your topic? Why might others find it important? What kind of research has been published about this topic? Background/Literature Review (500words): This section should be a summary of the literature you researched about your topic. This section should not be your opinion; it should be a description of what has already been published about the topic you chose. Discussion (500words): This section should be your interpretation of the review of literature and your personal opinion on how this specific technique or philosophy works. Include the following information: • What areas holistic health does this stress relieving technique address? Is the technique mind, body, or both? How does this technique increase resilience? • Do you feel this stress technique is effective? Why? What makes it effective? Does the amount of time or days a week matter? • How will this stress relieving technique help reduce health risks and/or increase personal wellness? • Do you feel this particular stress relieving technique would be beneficial to college students? What would make the practicing of this technique particularly challenging or easy for college students to incorporate in their lives while at school. • Do you think this technique should be part of mainstream medicine (if applicable, covered by health insurance)? Why or why not? • How would YOU incorporate this into your daily life? What changes would you need to make in order to make this practice a priority? What would be your personal benefits or challenges? References: You must site a minimum of three peer-reviewed documents (the library’s search engines or Google scholar are good resources). You should use APA style citations within the text and as part of your reference list.

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