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SOCW 6520: Social Work Field Education III

Please note that this is a master level course so master level work. Please check the grammar and you have to use the reading that I have provided to you. You must answer all the questions that I post. Thank you. Georgia MENTOR Metro Atlanta Children’s Services 2302 Parklake Drive NE, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30345 Brief Description of Agency-GA Mentor is a therapeutic foster care agency that provides therapeutic foster care services to youth between the ages of 0-18. We offer evidence-informed training to foster parents to provide quality homes for foster children. Services offered to children include 24 hours of home-based monitoring, therapeutic intervention, and access to community-based services, life skill development, and medication management oversight. GA Mentor ensures that the educational, mental health, physical health, and overall well-being needs of all children in our program are met. 2. I will be completing the following tasks: -Completion of Risk Assessments and Crisis Assessment to determine the level of the client’s needs and services -Demonstrate her ability to apply Family-Centered Practice, Systems Theory, and Strengths Perspective when assessing the challenges of the family -Develop and implement Treatment Plans for client -Train and develop foster parents in providing therapeutic foster care to foster care children -Evaluate state and Federal Policies in Child Welfare -Demonstrate her ability to link the family to resources with consideration to the family's culture, social-economic status, etc. Week 7 Diversity and Cultural Competence Readings • Min, J. W. (2005). Cultural competency: A key to effective future social work with racially and ethnically diverse elders. Families in Society, 86(3), 347–358. Media • Laureate Education (Producer). (2013b). Diversity/cultural competence [Audio file]. Retrieved from Assignment 2 Intervention Treatment Plan To Prepare: Review the agency’s intervention/treatment plan used to engage clients. After reviewing the agency’s intervention/treatment plan, consult the literature and conduct extensive research, with the goal of finding best practices that support or adds to the agency’s current intervention/treatment plan. The purpose of this assignment is to find research that supports or adds to the agency’s current intervention/treatment approach. a 1-2 page paper in which you: • Briefly describe the agency’s intervention/treatment plan • Briefly discuss best practices about interventions identified in the literature • Briefly discuss how the agency can incorporate those best practices into the current intervention/treatment plan • Provide a brief summary of the similarities and differences between the intervention/treatment plan used at the agency and the suggested practices in the literature

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