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From reading : Signature assignment paper: "Epictetus says we are responsible for our own suffering. Why does he think this? And Why does Epictetus think that everything that happens is destined and good" This is an argument paper. It requires a set up and a thesis statement where you explain your position and then explain how you will defend you position. Assume the audience that you are writing the paper for is not familiar with the topic so break down all concepts and ideas and make sure to explain your position in a clear way in the introduction. You can use quotations and examples to help explain your position but your position has to be stated by you and not hinted at indirectly or pointed to by quotations or examples. You may defend your thesis in the following ways 1. provide a comparative examination of two or three different possible responses to your thesis and an explanation of why you have chosen to defend one position over the other. 2. provide a critical analysis of your own position which identifies potential weaknesses in the position and explains what makes that position nevertheless superior in some ways to the others considered; and 3. apply your thesis to an everyday situation, work of fiction or film to demonstrate the merit of your position. This must be in the form of an argument form

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