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Responsible Leadership

Assignment Overview
In this individual assessment you will develop a responsible leadership model based on your key learnings and reflections from this subject. Your responsible leadership model should identify and explain what you believe to be the key elements of responsible leadership. You will present your model in a visually engaging format (i.e., an infographic). Your infographic will clearly convey your responsible leadership model, and it will also depict your strengths and plans to develop your own responsible leadership as defined by the model.

This is an individual assignment. The assessment format is an infographic that should be approximately one A3 or two A4 pages (broadly equivalent to 1200 words).
This assessment is worth 25% of your total marks in this subject.
Specific Instructions
1.    Develop a model of responsible leadership based on existing academic research and theory in leadership. Your model should have between four to six (4-6) key elements.
2.    Evaluate your own leadership approach against your responsible leadership model. Identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

3.    Identify three specific strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your responsible leadership, based on your model.
4.    Create an infographic that depicts your responsible leadership model, your
Assignmentstrgths,Formatareas for development, and strategies.
This assignment should be formatted as an infographic. Some sample infographics will be posted on the LMS. There are several free software programs and apps that will help you to produce your infographic. The following site describes 10 options:

One of these that seems user friendly is:
*Note that venngage requires you to pay to print your infographic. If you do not want to do this, you can submit the URL link to your saved infographic, along with your username and password.

You can use whatever software or app to create your infographic. The idea is to represent visually your leadership model, so try to balance words and images. If you do not wish to pay for the software, please just send me the URL link to your infographic with your username and password so I can view it online.

BUA5RL Infographic Instructions 2018 W4252, Rev. 08/2018
Research and References
You are expected to take a scholarly approach and your responsible leadership model and analysis should be informed by relevant leadership theory and research. You are expected to read and use information from a minimum of 5 academic research articles other than the research sources provided in class. Academic research articles refer to articles published in academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. The academic research articles should be relevant to the topic, contemporary (i.e., published in the last 5 years) and of high quality (i.e., published in journals ranked by the Australian Business Dean’s Council or Australian Research Council as A*, A, or B – see also list of recommended academic journals below). You may also include assigned readings (e.g., textbook or articles), as well as relevant and credible industry/media/opinion pieces.

Cite all sources in the main text of the document and include a separate reference page at the end of the document. The in-text citations and references should be formatted using either the current version of the Harvard style or APA 6th edition. Refer to the tips on applying these styles in the Assessments module of the LMS.

Note that Wikipedia and similar sources are NOT acceptable for any assessments in this subject.

Recommended Peer-Reviewed Journals

•    Academy of Management Journal

•    Academy of Management Review

•    Administrative Science Quarterly

•    Asia Pacific Journal of Management

•    British Journal of Management

•    Group Organization and Management

•    Journal of Business Ethics

•    Journal of Management

•    Journal of Management Studies

•    Journal of Organizational Behavior

•    Leadership and Organization Development Journal

•    Leadership Quarterly

•    Management International Review

•    Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

•    Note: The above list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive. There are many other Marking Criteriaexcllent academic journals.

Please refer to the LMS for marking criteria.

BUA5RL Infographic Instructions 2018 W4252, Rev. 08/2018
Assignment Submission

Please refer to the LMS for specific due dates and the assessment submission link.

BUA5RL Infographic Instructions 2018 W4252, Rev. 08/2018

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