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Respond to Discussion in 250-275 words with one credible source.

Student’s Post Is it Credible? There are various ways to determine the credibility of a website. Particularly useful for the evaluation of internet sources are authorship, publishing body, and currency of the document. In regard to authorship, one should be able to find out more about the author from information linked within the website, such as an “About Us” Link, for example. In regard to the publishing body, one should be able to find a link for the Webmaster. In regard to the currency of the document, one should be able to find a bibliography that identifies statistical sources (John Hopkins Sheridan Libraries, 2019). In addition to this, there are also ways to identify unreliable resources for an academic paper. Some of these are the absence of an “About Us” and/or “Contact Us” Link on the website, an agenda beyond providing information, such as selling products, and the absence of a copyright date and/or a last update date (CQ University Library, 2013). The following is one of the internet sources that I identified for my Module 1 SLP on the culture of Israel: This internet resource is credible for various reasons. First, in regard to authorship, I was able to find out more information about the author, in this case the group Country Reports, by clicking on the “About Us” Link. Second, in regard to the publishing body, there is a “Contact Us” Link which provides an address, and telephone and fax numbers. In addition to this, a text box entry is available to leave feedback. Finally, in regard to the currency of the document, one can click on the “FAQ” Link and find a discussion about the website’s editorial process. The sources used to obtain data, in part, come from governments, researchers, and international organizations (Country Reports, 2020); (John Hopkins Sheridan Libraries, 2019). References Country Reports. (2020). Country Reports: Israel Facts and Culture. Retrieved from CQ University Library (2013). Evaluating books, journals, journal articles and websites. Retrieved from John Hopkins Sheridan Libraries. (2019). Evaluating Information. Retrieved from

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