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Research Project: U.S. Universal Health Care

The main objective of your research project, “U.S. Universal Health Care,” is to help you learn about universal health care systems, and decide whether our government should create a national health care plan for the United States. Under such a plan, all U.S. citizens would be entitled to receive certain types of health care. In this project, you’ll glean information from various Web resources and complete a paper about what you’ve researched.

America spends more on health care than any other developed nation, although over 40 million Americans have no health insurance coverage at all. The United States is the only developed industrialized country in the world that doesn’t have a universal health care system of some kind. Think about these ideas as you explore the arguments in favor of the creation of a universal American health care plan.

Perform internet research to learn more about a national health care plan for the United States. Then, write a two- to three-page paper that outlines what you’ve learned. Your project will be due upon completion of Chapter 25.

Internet Research

To start your research, visit the Web site of the Physicians for a National Health Program, or PNHP, at In the site’s search box, type in NHI single-payer system and click Search. Read the first few articles about the proposed NHI single-payer system. Note that this system is to be financed by the government and administered by private organizations.

Then, visit bills_hr_676_and_1200.php to read a summary of the United States National Health Insurance Act (Bill HR 676). The United States National Health Insurance Act is a bill that proposes to create a new universal health care system by expanding the present Medicare system.

Finally, access the Google search engine at Enter the following keywords in the search window: Single-Payer National Health Insurance Plan United States. Read some of the articles that are listed to get additional information on the arguments in favor of a national health care system for the United States.


When you’ve completed your research reading, you’re ready to complete your paper. Refer to your notes, organize your ideas, and begin to write your two- to three-page research paper. Use the following four main headings to organize your writing.


Under this heading, write two or more paragraphs that give the reader an overview of the sources you’ve consulted. Describe the main ideas that were offered in favor of a universal health care system for America. Then, outline the main reasons in favor of developing a universal single-payer health care plan for the United States.

House Bill HR676: Expanding Medicare to all Americans

Under this heading, write two or more paragraphs that describe the content of this bill.

Research Project: U.S. Universal Health Care    Page 1 of 3

Under this heading, write two or more paragraphs that summarize the main arguments in favor of a national health care plan for America.


Under this heading, write one or more paragraphs that conclude your paper with your own ideas and opinions. Feel free to offer your ideas for or against the proposed health care plans.

Proofread Your Project

Make sure you carefully proofread your work before submitting it. Check your work for accuracy and clarity. Correct any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Use a standard, 12-point font and double-space your typing.

Writing Guidelines

Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with one-inch margins. (Don’t use any fancy or cursive fonts. Print in black.

•    Include the following information at the top of your paper:

Name and address

Student number
Course title and number (Civics: SS02B01)
Assessment number (0219B08S)

•    Read the assignment carefully and address the issue suggested.

•    Be specific. Limit your submission to the topic or issues mentioned.

•    Include an introductory paragraph, a body, and a concluding paragraph. Provide clear organization by using transitional phrases like these where appropriate:

o  First,
o  However,
o On the other hand, o And so on,

o Consequently, o Since,
o Next, o When,

•    For research projects, include a reference page that lists the sources you used to gather your material.

•    Proofread your work carefully. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

Submit Your Project

When you’ve completed your project, proofread it thoroughly. Then, go to your My Courses page and submit your project for grading.

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Grading Rubric

Your project will be graded on a four-point scale across each of these objectives.

    Objectives            4            3            2            1            Points
    Grammar,        No errors in        Contains 1–2 errors        Contains 3–4 errors        Contains 5 or more        
    Usage, and        grammar, spelling,        in grammar,        in grammar,        errors in grammar,        
    Mechanics        and punctuation        spelling, and        spelling, and        spelling, and        
                            punctuation        punctuation        punctuation        
    Introduction            Discusses in        Discusses some            Insufficient        Does not discuss            
    of Main            significant detail        ideas about            discussion on ideas        any details about            
    Ideas            support for        Universal Health            in support for        Universal Health            
                Universal Health        Care and single-            Universal Health        care or single-payer            
                Care and single-        payer plan            Care and single-        plan            
                payer plan                    payer plan                    
    House Bill:        Clearly outlines        Outlines some        Limited discussion        Provisions are        
    HR 676        provisions of the bill        provisions of the bill        of provisions of the        poorly discusses        
                and analyzes        and gives details on        bill and poor        and does not        
                impact on health        impact to health        analysis of impact        mention impact on        
                care system        care system        on health care        the health care        
                                        system        system        
    Summary of            Provides clear and            Provides some            Details on        No discussion of            
    Arguments            detailed summary            details on            arguments are        argument or how            
    for            of arguments            arguments and            short and        they relate to the            
    Universal            which ties directly            discusses relation            incomplete. Does        main ideas            
    Health Care            to the main ideas            to main ideas            not tie arguments to                    
                                        main ideas.                    
    Conclusions        Meaningful and        Conclusions        Conclusions        Does not        
                detailed        summarize        provide limited        summarize main        
                conclusions        information.        details and facts.        idea and provides        
                summarize        Personal argument        Personal argument        no/apathetic        
                information clearly.        is stated.        unclear.        personal argument.        
    Sources and            Refers to scholarly        Uses sources            Questionable            No sources            
    Citations            sources and those        suggested and            sources and no            mentioned            
                suggested in        provides            bibliography            throughout paper            
                prompt and        bibliography                                    
                                                    Total    /24


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