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Research Paper

For this assignment, students will compose and submit a research paper. The paper should be done in the following way: Choose any one of the questions, scenarios or issues from the Discussions 2 through 10 and explain the problem or issue that it involves. Then choose two (2) thinkers and/or theories from the text and briefly outline what you think the respective view of each thinker /theory would be on this Discussion topic. Critique each thinker/theory’s view and determine which (if either) is more effective in this situation. Explain which of these views on this topic you agree with more and why? What do you think about the issue? Your research paper should: Use at least three sources (including the textbook, if you wish). Consist of at least 1000 words not including title page, works cited page, etc. (3-5 pages long) and should have at least three sources (including the text if you wish). Paraphrase or use a quotation, citation, and reference all your sources. Adhere to APA style. Writing style resources are available in the Student Resources area.

Budget: $50.00

Due on: April 24, 2020 00:00

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