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Reaserch outline and reaserch paper

My research idea: One of the most interested ideas to me is (Healthier Communities) it's an important idea to write about especially now a days. A healthy community is defined by the ability of it's people to undertake their daily activities without diseases. And a healthy community attract outsiders like tourists. There are social and cultural factors like tradition, politics, beliefs, socioeconomic status, social norms and the economy. I will get into each one of these in details in my research paper. Instructor response to my topic idea: This is too general of an idea, if you want to write about the cultural impact on health care in a society, fine, however you need to narrow down your focus to be about one particular group of people (e.g. the impact of culture on the health of Korean s or Saudies or Americans...) My research topic: My research topic would be "Healthier communities" Having a healthy community depends on the people living in it. My idea of a healthy community is where people are free from mental and physical problems. People have the opportunity to live to their full potentials. A healthy community is defined by the ability of its people to undertake their daily activities without diseases or pain. Instructor response to my research topic: I guess i may have mentioned this before, you need to focus your topic; after all you are not writing a book; maybe you can take one aspect of health and discuss how culture impacts that. Instruction for Outline: This is the skeleton of your paper/project (even with a video project there should be a script/plan) . The outline could be a bullet-point structure and should include a title, introduction: presenting main argument and some background information; Body: bullet points of what and how you will introduce and develop your topic; then a Conclusion: as well bullet point structure of what will go in this section. Please include in each section the main references that you will use for each main point. A reference page of the potential/preliminary references you will be using should be included. And then do the final paper please.

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