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Read the CIS handouts about Time management and Keeping Focused

Engl 1301 G005, SPRING 2020 Week 2 Instructions Welcome to Week 2 of Engl 1301. I am looking forward to our weekly live WebEx meeting on Wednesday. While I have set up WebEx Teams, I discovered that the system only recognizes your email. So we will need to make an adjustment to our interactions and you will need to check both your and your D2l emails daily because if I communicate with you via WebEx Teams, it appears the notices will go to your account, NOT your D2L account. Another fast way to get your questions answered during the week is to send them via D2L email. Finally, remember you can now register for both summer and fall registration. As part of the COVID-19 stimulus package, emergency funds to assist students with registration will be made available, but be sure to complete a FAFSA application: For IT questions related to your computer, call 832-813-6600. For any question you may have from obtaining a hot meal to obtaining Lone Star services, email Now for a general breakdown of assignments: I. Syllabus – In your syllabus, you will notice Week 2 is devoted primarily to grammar work. The Week 2 folder in D2L will have the required handouts and exercises. Please type the answers to the exercises and upload the files to appropriate drop box. If answers simply call for choosing a letter answer (Ex. a. versus b.) then simply record the letter next to its corresponding number. Please remember deadlines are closer than they appear. II. Discussion Forum Read the CIS handouts about Time management and Keeping Focused. Address any insights offered on the handouts that you believe are impossible to fulfill. Does anything appear unrealistic? Is there anything written on either handout that you already practice regularly? Do you have any personal tips not shown that you could offer to your classmates? Afterward, you must: 1) Post your initial post first and then post your two response posts. You must first post an initial response before you will be able to view and respond to classmates’ posts. 2) Your initial post needs to contain a minimum of 10 well-crafted (grammatically correct) sentences demonstrating that you have thought about the discussion topic of the post. 3) Your two response posts must contain a minimum of 5 well-crafted (grammatically correct) sentences demonstrating that you have read and thought about the discussion topic of your peer’s post. Do not merely agree with the previous students’ comments. Extend the discussion at hand, or introduce new information or new insight. 4) Quote significant passages from the works to support your observations. Be sure to introduce the context of each quotation and comment on the quotation afterwards. 5) Flippant responses such as, “Hey, I like your ideas,” or “Great point, John! I totally agree!” are not acceptable and will not count. If you are not making an actual contribution to the discussion, then I will not count that post toward your total. Give your opinion, ask good questions, and explain what you want to know and what you honestly think. 6) No profanity, insults or derisive comments about the subject of the discussion, the other students and their postings will be tolerated. Courtesy, class and sophistication must reign supreme at all times during online class discussions. While free expression of your opinions is expected, be careful to use formal language – no slang, or chat acronyms such as BTW, LOL. Your intelligence is on display. Work uploaded online becomes part of your online identity – indefinitely.

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Due on: April 25, 2020 00:00

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