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Question 3: Carfully read the following case study and answer the questions:

Question 3: Carfully read the following case study and answer the questions: (10 marks) Training at Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry (MSGI) Mariam was worried as she approached the training director’s office. She supervises six operators at Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry (MSGI), a maker of our product ranges are Stemware, Tableware, Perfume & Cosmetic glass bottles and containers, Glass Jars & Containers for food and beverage products. She had just learned that her packaging lines will be replaced with a new automated system and would double the speed of operations. She was thinking about how the workers might feel about the new system when the training director, Belal Salem, opened the door and said, “Come on in, Mariam. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you.” After a few chats, Mariam told Belal of her concerns. “The operators really know their jobs now. But this new automated system is a whole new ball game. I’m concerned, too, about how the workers will feel about it. The new system is going to run faster. They may think that their job is going to be harder.” Belal replied, “After talking with the plant engineer and the production manager, I made a tentative training schedule that might make you feel a little better. I think we first have to let the workers know why this change is necessary. You know that both of our competitors changed to this new system last year. After that, we will teach your people to operate the new automated packaging lines.” “Who’s going to do the teaching?” Mariam asked. “I haven’t even seen the new system.” “Well, Mariam,” said Belal, “the manufacturer has arranged for you to visit a plant with a similar system, so you and your workers can learn to operate it.” “Will the factory give us any other training help?” Mariam asked. “Yes, I have asked them to send a trainer down as soon as the new system is set up. He will conduct some classroom sessions and then work with your people on the new machine.” After further discussion about details, Mariam thanked Belal and headed back to the production department. She was confident that the new system would be a real benefit to her section and that her workers could easily learn the skills required. Questions 1. What are the training methods and delivery system MSGI’s is using, Evaluate MSGI’s approach to training? 2. How might the use of social media assist Mariam in training her employees?

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