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Q1: Uber's Strategies for Initiating Platform

Read the attached article and answer the questions based on it. answers don't have to be long. 3-4 sentences are ok. Q1: Uber's Strategies for Initiating Platform Apply the concepts of lecture slides on platform strategy to answer the questions below: How is Uber a platform business? How had Spotify successfully launched a platform business? Q2: Ride-sharing Market in the US vs. China What challenges does Uber face in China? Q3: Strategy for Competing with Other Platforms Is there a "Winner-takes-all" effect in the China ride-sharing industry? What are the implication of your answer to Uber's platform strategy in China? Q4: Strategic Recommendation Do you agree with Travis Kalanick's strategy for Uber in China? What are your recommendations?

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Due on: April 24, 2020 00:00

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