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Psychological Disorders and Therapy Case Study Essay

Psychological Disorders and Therapy Case Study For this assignment, your tasked with writing a brief report on a fictional or non-fictional character of your choosing. In this assignment you will need to provide the following information shown below. Use the following labels for each section: INTRODUCTION, PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER, THERAPY, CONCLUSION (these labels are bold, all caps, far left margin). INTRODUCTION -Brief description/background information of the participant selected and their significance -Overview of what the reader will expect in the rest of your paper PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER (pick 1) -Describe the disorder -Explain similarities between characteristics of the psychological disorder and behavior/mental processes of the participant THERAPY (Select A or B) A-Was a treatment provided? If so, describe the treatment and then explain how this treatment was applied for the individual. *if you don’t want to use a treatment that was provided, you can select B* B-Provide a treatment for the participant to use given the Psychological Disorder that was ‘diagnosed’. Describe the treatment and explain how this treatment could be applied to the individual. CONCLUSION In a concise manner, reiterate the key points of your paper. These key points would include information on the participant (i.e. their behavior or mental process), the psychological disorder, and the given and/or proposed therapy treatment. Format: Title Page, APA headers on all pages, Times New Roman, 12 pt., double-spaced Details (expand on your thoughts in each section of your paper) Third-person language (you are the Author, they are the Subject)

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