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PSCI 203 Exam 1 Study Guide Supplement

PSCI 203 Exam 1 Study Guide Supplement Federalist 1 1. What is the purpose of government? 2. How should the government be designed? 3. Why were the essays written and what are they going to argue? Federalist 2 1. What is the relationship between the government and human nature? Why? 2. Why might a united government across the states be successful? Federalist 3 1. What is the most basic task of a government? 2. How does it accomplish that task? Federalist 4-5 1. How will foreign nations try to interact with the states? 2. How might the states be organized to guard against foreign interests? Federalist 6-7 1. What is the nature of mankind? Where does that lead societies? 2. How do republicanism and commerce protect a nation against foreign threats? Federalist 8 1. What are the domestic threats the nation currently faces? 2. Why must the states be united under one government? Federalist 9 1. How should this new government be designed? Why? 2. How can a large republic survive? Federalist 10 1. What are factions? a. Why are they good or bad? b. How should the government respond to factions? c. Why do factions form? 2. What kind of people will be in the government? 3. Why is a republic better than democracy? . How can a large republic be good? Federalist 23 1. Why should the government be active? Federalist 39 1. What are the republican principles? 2. What is the difference between a national and federal operation of government? Federalist 40 1. Why did they create a new government instead of reforming the Articles of Confederation? Federalist 47-49 1. Why should power be separated? 2. What is the separation of powers? 3. What is tyranny? 4. How should the different branches of government interact with one another or not? Federalist 51 1. How do the separated powers/branches of government limit it? 2. What are the challenges of government because of human nature? 3. How does a large republic protect minority groups? 4. What are checks and balances? Federalist 84 1. How does a Bill of Rights threaten limited government? Brutus I 1. What powers of the government are Brutus concerned? 2. Why does he advocate small republics? Why does this mean a large republic cannot succeed?

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