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Provide summaries of each chapter

Provide summaries of each chapter for this week using outline form. Provide at least ten headings and at least 5 definitions in your outline for each chapter. Also, for each chapter provide a review of at least 200 words of one of the resources listed at the end of the chapter. Would you recommend this resource? Did the resource help you understand the chapter content? 11:57 O .1 LTE Randeshia Ferguson Dr. Whitmarsh Intro to School Psychology April 8, 2020 Chapter 22 Outline: The Identification of Learning Disabilities 1. Criteria for the Individual with Disabilities Education Act was modified in 2006. • This made learning disabilities able to be identified. 2. Issues of Classification, Definition, and Identification • 2 Conceptional Frameworks 1) Cognitive Discrepancy Framework 2) Instructional Framework 3. Cognitive Discrepancy Framework (PSW) • Hypothesize that low achievement is unexpected because of the presence of average/above average cognitive functioning or because of specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses. • IQ-achievement discrepancy is discredited • Cannot identify student's performance at the individual levels. Three things hinder this: 1) Differences in measure selection 2) Measurement occasion 3) Specific formulas to establish a threshold for discrepancy • Little evidence that IQ-achievement discrepancy methods are valid for the identification of learning disabilities (LD's). 4. Instructional Framework (RTI) • Hypothesize that unexpected underachievement is because of inadequate response to intensive interventions that are normally effective. • Prototypical student with LD: a student who continues to struggle despite receiving quality instruction that works for most students. 5. Learning Disabilities (LD's) • Attributes are a latent construct. They cannot be identified, analyzed, or understood (imperfect attempts to identify them). • Attributes are dimensional 6. PSW VS. RTI 1) Methods should be directly investigated in empirical research. • Studies should be directly investigated when they are investigating the structure of cognitive processes, effective intervention practices for struggling learners, the relations of cognitive processes and academic achievement, and the cognitive profiles of students who experience academic difficulties. • Can identify potential intervention targets and inform proposals for LD identification methods. 2) Data Simulation can inform valid decision making • Data Simulation: a procedure in which synthetic datasets are constructed and used to evaluate the reliability and/or validity of spairommorlinalommixiblinual analyses, or to

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