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Please read the Airbnb Segmentation Study

Please read the Airbnb Segmentation Study and answer the following questions in your post: What market segment from this study do you belong to and why? Do you think consumers in these market segments are likely to purchase other sharing economy services such as Uber or Lyft? Why? Provide another example of a sharing economy service. For instance, students sharing class notes for a fee. Envision a company (it doesn't have to be real) and list its market segments. For a different view of market segmentation, point to and click on the "Zip Code Lookup" tab. Next, enter any two ZIP codes and compare the results. First, you might enter the one for your residence and second, enter the ZIP code of an area you always wondered about. For example 20001 returns part of DC with Cluster 04, "Young Digerati" as the main segment. To see the definition of Cluster 04, click on the "Segment Details" tab. Next, scroll through the Income, Household Composition, Population by Age and Population by Race and Ethnicity tabs to see the details of this area of DC. For the ZIP code directory, see For each ZIP code, name and comment on the primary description of each ZIP code. Please add that information to your post and feel free to comment on the primary descriptions and labels you encounter. * Note: I want the first zip code be 22033 U.S , Virginia and the second one is 22182 US, Virginia and the third one is 22315 U.S , Virginia

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Due on: February 25, 2020 00:00

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