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Planning, Public Policy and Management memo assignment

Planning, Public Policy and Management memo assignment

Length: 800 words approximately

** Use memo formatting(refer to template attached) **

You are addressing Minneapolis City Council in a memo format in order to address ongoing social planning issues such as (modern day example) their decision in defunding the local police department due to the police brutality incident that led to the unfortunate death of George Floyd, causing nationwide riots (refer to CBS news report link). Using relevant ideas from Chapter 7 ,”The social issues” in Contemporary Urban Planning, John M. Levy, related to various ongoing issues that they have to be equally aware of, listen in chapter 7. (This committee is who you put in the “To” part of the memo header.)

The memo should be related to a real local planning topic of your choice. A few suggested prompts for main reflection are provided below:

●    Why is this topic important to you?

●    What is your assessment of the situation?

○    What is needed, beneficial, harmful?

●    How has this term’s class materials informed your opinion on this matter?

●    What do you ask the committee to consider as they move forward?

Cite the given sources and feel free to use other relevant sources to this assignment.

CBS News:


NY Times article:
The purpose of this assignment is to increase your ability to participate in a public process and to reflect on this class. This assignment aims to:

1.    Better develop your writtenand speakingvoicethrough clear and thoughtful writing - a fundamental skill in the field of planning;

2.    Develop your research skills relating to your own local planning agencies and how to participate in a public process. Planning covers a wide variety of topics, so what interests you?;
3.    Focus your passion to incorporate different elements of planning. We can all be planners, but not necessarily in the “city planning” sense at a local government level. How will you make a difference in the future?; and,
4.    Provide your discussion leaders with knowledge of how you engaged with the course in general.

chapter7JohnMLevy.pdf MemoTemplate (1).docx

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