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Open the file for the instructions, you will need to write the video to answer the questions.

PED 138 – Assignment for the Week of 4/20/2020 This week, we are moving into the Boot Camp unit of our class. This is a great, all-encompassing type of workout that is intended to challenge you! 😊 For our purposes, we will concentrate on all body weight exercises as I’m not sure how many of you have exercise equipment at home, and they show that you can still get a fantastic workout with your own body weight! 1. Watch These 3 Boot Camp Videos: “Outdoors Boot Camp Workout” – This is a great instructional video that shows several exercise ideas with modifications, if needed. “My Go To Workout” – This is an outdoor Boot Camp, and it shows how it’s broken down into phases. “Boot Camp - Outdoor Training Ideas” – This is a “snippet” of an actual Outdoor Boot Camp. 2. Take Notes on each of the 3 Boot Camp Videos: For each of the three videos, please take notes on them (typed, 12-font, double-spaced): -Title of the video = 1 pt -Name two specific exercises that you observed in the video and describe it (What did it look like? What muscles does it work? Your opinion of the exercise?) = 2 pts -Tell me if you’ve done a Boot Camp-type workout before and your opinion of it. If you haven’t, tell me if you think you’d participate in one and why. = 2 pts Total Points = 15 points (5 for each video) 3. Exercise at least Twice This Week: In your exercise routine this week, please incorporate at least two of the exercises that you observed in the videos above. For example, if you normally run outside for a half hour or for three miles, include one of the Boot Camp exercises at the beginning or at the end of your run. Be sure to be intentional…in other words, please do the Boot Camp exercise for a certain amount of time (30 seconds? 1 minute?) or a certain number of reps (10x? 15x? 20x?). On your other exercise day, please include a different Boot Camp exercise. -What day you exercised and how long = 1 pt -What you did for your exercise = 1 pt -What Boot Camp exercise you included in your workout = 1 pt -How your workout changed (for the good or the bad!) when you included this Boot Camp exercise = 1 pt -How you felt while and after you exercised = 1 pts Total Points = 10 points (5 for each workout) 4. Prepare for Next Week: This week’s assignments are preparing you for next week’s Boot Camp workout that you will create and do! Please be observant while watching the videos…maybe, even, exploring other videos that you find! 😉 This week’s assignment is due no later than MONDAY 4/27/2020! No late assignments will be accepted.

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