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NO PLAGARISM!!!!! Please follow ALL instructions!!!!

Instructions NO PLAGARISM!!!!! Please follow ALL instructions!!!! Review Case Study 2.1 in your textbook on pp.50–51, and address the questions that are provided below. In essay format, provide a complete and detailed response to each question. You are required to use your textbook as source material for your essay. Each of the responses should be compiled into a document that consists of at least two pages. Your essay should address the following questions: What differences do you see in the marketing approach used for the Regional Medical Center (RMC) as opposed to traditional business marketing approaches? What are some barriers that healthcare marketing professionals would have to work around when creating marketing materials for RMC? What information did RMC need to gather about the target population before it could establish its program? Which of the key marketing functions and techniques discussed in the unit and your textbook reading do you see utilized by RMC in this case study? Why was it important for RMC to use marketing approaches and techniques to launch its program? The case study is uploaded.

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