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Monuments and Person of the Week.

Monuments and Person of the Week. Please answer both questions using information in our text and online sources as needed. 1. Describe a contemporary monument in your city or in local area. Tell us the special significance it holds for the citizens of the city where it was erected. Compare this monument to the Eiffel Tower in Paris: should it keep the original design and structure, like the Tower, or be updated? 2. Person of the Week for week 7: your choices are between several important artists whose works were groundbreaking and created different types of art, literature, or cinema. For art, consider Gabriele Munter, Paul Cezanne, or Georges Seurat. For poetry, Guillaume Apollinaire or Ezra Pound. For cinema, Thomas Edison or George Eastman. Who is the most important person this week, in your opinion, and why? Support your choice with facts from the text and a picture. Provide the link to the website/source used with your reply.

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