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MGMT443, Assignment 5 (Individual assignment, 10 points)

MGMT443, Assignment 5 (Individual assignment, 10 points) I. Read the case “Why is Cooperation so Hard?” (Daft’s Organization Theory & Design, pp. 205). I strongly recommend highlighting and taking notes as you read to facilitate your understanding. II. Follow this structure in your paper:  In the top of the page, include your full name and section number (01 or 02).  Questions will be graded considering the extent to which your response is informed by theory, the case itself, and the clarity and grammar of your response (see rubric in the next page).  Your response to the questions below must be typed and submitted through Turnitin (don’t forget to click “submit” before you close BBL; otherwise, your submission will not go through).  The homework will be discussed in class. Bringing a copy of your responses is recommended to facilitate your participation in discussion. III. Answer the questions below: 1. This case exemplifies the efforts organizations make to maintain independence and power over their environment in their interorganizational relationships. Which of the two organizations has the power in this relationship? Justify your answer. 2. Both Armando Bronaldo and Audie Richards appear to be upset with the relationship. Explain why each of the two CEOs feel they are not being well treated by the other. 3. Put yourself in the shoes of mid-level managers Victoria Santos and Larry Stansell. Propose a joint strategy to influence the two CEOs to build a partnership and let go of their current adversarial relationship style.

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