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Textbook: Daft, Richard L. (2011). The Leadership Experience (5th or later Ed). South-Western Cengage Learning: Mason: OH. (ISBN-13:978-1-4390-4211-3, ISBN-10: 1-4390-4211-X this is the textbook needed to complete assignment. attached below is the instructions. MGMT 447 – LEADERSHIP AND MOTIVATION SPRING 2020 INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAPER ASSIGNMENT Following are instructions for the paper assignment. These instructions will be augmented by class discussions regarding the assignment. You will be responsible for class discussions applicable to the project. You are encouraged to ask me questions and discuss your project as you progress, either individually or in class. The purpose of the paper is to help you develop a deeper, more empathic understanding of yourself and others, rather than a new way to label and categorize people. Effective leaders have abilities to reflect on and think about their experiences in a manner that helps them make sense of what has happened. This reflection extends one’s view and creates a more complicated understanding of organizational life. Research has shown this to be a key in effective personal behavior. This assignment involves integrating the information learned from the self-assessment instruments you have been assigned (see list below) and the text with your career goals and your goals for future growth (particularly in a leadership/followership role) and communicate your findings in written form—in a self-analytic manner. Over the course of your life you have received information relevant to you as a person – from experience (e.g. work, volunteer, or school), friends and family. The self-assessment instruments will provide you with additional information about yourself. Some of that information will conform to what you already know about yourself, other information may be surprising or unexpected. Additionally, some of the information may be easy to understand in the context of your life while other information may be confusing. Your job is to refine that information into a coherent picture of yourself, and your future. Suggestions for Your Analysis: • Analyze your self-assessment results to determine where they are similar and/or where they differ. • Look for themes, commonalities and contrasts among and between the instruments. • Present a coherent picture • Ask yourself how your skills, values, attitudes and the various facets of your personality influence the way you act in important work-related roles (e.g. leader, manager, follower). • Identify what you believe to be your most important characteristics (provide evidence) You may organize your paper anyway you see fit however it should address the following issues. 1. What do I know about myself? (e.g. personality, experience, motivation) 2. What do I know about my values 3. What do I know about my resources (skills) 4. What does this mean for my future (career and personal) 5. What does this say about my future job (ideal job, jobs to be avoided) 6. Where do I go from here (personal growth statement) I strongly suggest you use an outline when preparing the paper and use headings in the text of the paper. The length of the paper is up to you. As a guideline, I would expect a paper to be at least seven pages, probably closer to seven—but do not go over ten. Do not use a book report format (e.g. I took Assessment A and got a 7, I took Assessment B and got a 12, etc.). Do not use any folders – simply use a staple. Along with your paper you must turn in evidence of having taken the assessments. We will discuss how to do this in class. All papers will be treated as privileged, private communication by the professor of this course. Grading: The distinguishing points for grading purposes will be: • Diagnostic ability (the ability to identify and organize concrete and significant data about phenomena that you are trying to analyze) o The thoroughness of your analysis • Analytic and conceptual skills (the extent to which you are able to integrate your own personal experience and the various theories and concepts from the course for reaching an insightful understanding of the phenomena under examination) o The depth of your analysis • Accuracy (the extent you understand the material covered in class) • Communication skills (the extent to which you are able to communicate in a clear, non-judgmental and concise manner) o Organization, grammar, usage, sentence structure, etc. Due Date: The assignment is DUE TUESDAY, MAY 5th LEADERS SELF-INSIGHT (6th Edition) Instruments shown in bold are required, the others are optional 1.1 – Your learning style: Using multiple intelligences 1.2 – Your leadership potential 1.3 – Are you on a fast track to nowhere? 2.1 – Rate your optimism 2.2 – What is your leadership orientation? 2.3 – Your LMX relationship 3.1 – T-P leadership questionnaire: A question of style 3.2 – Are you ready? 3.3 – Measuring substitutes for leadership 4.1 – The Big Five personality dimensions 4.2 – Measuring locus of control 4.3 – Instrumental and end values 4.4 – What’s your thinking style? 4.5 – Personality assessment: Jung’s typology 5.1 – Mindfulness 5.2 – Emotional intelligence 5.3 – Love or fear? 6.1 – Ethical Maturity 6.2 – Your servant leadership orientation 6.3 – Assess your moral courage 7.1 – The power of followership 7.2 – Are you an annoying follower 7.3 – Ready for coaching 8.1 – Are your needs met? 8.2 – Your approach to motivating others 8.3 – Are you engaged? 9.1 – Am I networked? 9.2 – Listening and asking questions 9.3 – Do you speak with candor? 10.1 – Individual or team? 10.2 – Are you a contributing team member? 10.3 – How do you handle team conflict? 11.1 – Values balancing 11.2 – Unconscious bias 11.3 – Social values 12.1 – Transformational leadership 12.2 – What’s your Mach? 12.3 – Your leadership orientation 13.1 – My personal vision 13.2 – Visionary leadership 13.3 – Your strategy style 14.1 – Working in a responsive culture 14.2 – Culture preference inventory 14.3 – How spiritual are you? 15.1 – Resistance to change 15.2 – Are you a change leader? 15.3 – Do you have a creative personality?

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