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LM003: Leadership’s Relationship to Management

Short Answer Submission Form Your Name: First and last Your Email address: Your email here Instructions This Competency includes a Short-Answer Response Assessment. Write your response to each prompt below in the space provided. The Rubric, which will be used by the Competency Assessor to evaluate your responses, is beneath the prompts. Carefully review the Rubric rows associated with each prompt to provide a complete response. When writing your response, begin typing where it reads “Enter Your Response Here.” Write as much as needed to satisfy the requirements of the prompt (as defined in the Rubric). Be sure to support your responses with connections to professional sources. Your Assessment responses require references (in APA style) to support your thinking. You will list your references at the end of this template where “References” are noted. If you need additional information regarding how to correctly cite, and/or reference sources, please visit the Walden Writing Center at To learn more about effective paraphrasing strategies, visit the Walden Writing Center at Review the following example item and response for a sample that meets expectations. Sample Prompt: Choose a definition of organizational culture, and explain whether you agree or disagree with the definition. Use examples from your own professional experience to support your response. Response: Whitehurst (2016) explained “organizational culture is defined by how people in an organization interact with each other” (para. 2). While I agree that this is one aspect of organizational culture, the definition does not capture the complex factors that contribute to organizational culture. When I started my first job after finishing my undergraduate degree in business, I worked for an organization whose main headquarters were in Dubai. When I traveled to Dubai for the first time, I realized that the culture of the Dubai office was largely influenced by the society’s culture in Dubai. I found that the organization lacked one cohesive culture and that, depending on regional locations, each office had its own culture. International organizations often face many challenges in maintaining a cohesive organizational culture (Watkins, 2013). I found this observation to be true in my experience. For example, the Dubai office seemed to endow their employees with more allowance for self-direction when compared with our domestic offices. Although people’s interactions with one another contributed to the organization’s culture, there were other factors like location, management style, and societal norms that impacted a business culture as well. References Watkins, M. D. (2013, May 15). What is organizational culture? And why should we care. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from Whitehurst, J. (2016, October 13). Leaders can shape company culture through their behaviors. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from Note: References are included at the end of a Short-Answer Assessment but are included here as an example of an accurate APA reference list. Case 1: Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc. This case focuses on the importance of managing up, down, and laterally as well as cultivating staff and line relationships in the early stages of taking on a new position. The case demonstrates how a lack of shared assumptions and expectations, especially in new working relationships, hinders effective communication. After reading this case, respond to the following prompts: a) Describe several major differences in responsibility between the company president and the manager. (1–2 paragraphs) b) How do these differences impact their decision-making? Be specific, and be sure to support your reasoning with explicit references to leadership best practices and to appropriate theoretical leadership frameworks. (2 paragraphs) c) Personal Reflection: If you were the manager in the provided case, what steps would you take to improve the relationship with the company president? Support your reasoning with explicit references to leadership best practices and to appropriate theoretical leadership frameworks. (1–2 paragraphs) d) Personal Reflection: Describe some misconceptions you had about leadership before you actually had the responsibility of leadership. (2 paragraphs)


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