Student: Stanley

Leadership Journal

To prepare for this journal read Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future (Links to an external site.). You will specifically reflect on each competency within the source: A disciplined mind A synthesizing mind A creative mind A respectful mind An ethical mind Part 1: Content/Course Reflection (1pt.) How will you prepare those children, their families, and the staff in your care in each competency? Be sure you provide specific details on each competency. If you were to add a sixth competency, what would it be and why? Part 2: Program/Personal Reflection (2pts.) How does each competency influence you as a leader personally? Be sure you provide at least one example for each competency. How does your understanding of each of these competencies positively impact your ability as a leader to evaluate curriculum materials and models and ensure alignment with standards? Page length: 2 to 3 pages

Budget: $13.00

Due on: April 30, 2020 00:00

Posted: 12 months ago.

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