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Lab 4, Energy, Work and Friction;

Lab 4, Energy, Work and Friction; We will work in a roller coaster simulation. In this simulation we will collect data on max height on both sides of the U-shaped coaster. From this data we will perform a calculate the max speed after each cycle… A cycle being each time the coaster is at the bottom. This will be done 3 times, the first time, collect the data in the absence of friction. Collect data by adding a small amount of friction Collect data by adding a little more friction. Repeat this with two different masses for each Skater. Write a conclusion on these results Then repeat the experiment by creating a U-Shaped course where on side a has a steeper angle. Again collect the data as in the first part. Write a conclusion. If you add to much there will not be much to analyze. The coaster will come to a stop very quickly. You can slow down the motion to collect the data. Create tables for your data… From the height data collected determine the friction. Show your simulation in your note book how and where data was collected. Show a screenshot of the simulation and the fractional friction you have added. This lab will be graded much harder on completeness, and if all necessary parameters are included to repeat this from your notebook. Simulation Data, tables Equations used Results of the calculations Check the results Conclusion of the analysis.

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Due on: April 24, 2020 00:00

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