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Journal Article 2

Term Project Step #3: Journal Article Review & Critique View each tab on this page Assignment Preview Assionment Instructions Helpful Tods Instructions This step in the Term Project is to begin your research on your topic Most people begi n with Google..not a bad dace to start. Some peode end with Google. BAD! When doing research you must select resources that are CRAAP • . Ok. not that stinky stuff...Currency,Relevance,Authority.Accurocy. Purpose This video should help. httpsfiyoutu be/EyMT08mD7Ds For this assignment you will need to first find a joumal article a related to the topic of your Term Project What is a journal article (or more important what is NOT one)? httpsliyoutu.betuDG12CYfY9A bb•ogrtchyl, In addition• review the information on the How to do Research page for information on locating a journal ankle. Helpful Hint: The back of each chapter in the textbook has the references the authors used- lock there as well For this assignment. you are to complete a Journal Article critique following these guidelines How to Critique a Journal Artidepdf •. Use the college resources. To your left you will see a tab for Ask A c Librarian. Use it! Just don't wait until the last minute. Here is a journal article critique examgj f • to give you an idea of how much to write. One to 1.5 pages is plenty! You will cut and paste your the text of your critique into this discussion board. The learning objective of this assignment is to introduce you to scholarly research and prepare you for writing your paper.

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