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Jazz is huge! When I say that,

Jazz is huge! When I say that, I’m referring to the amount of music out there available to the listener. Jazz, in itself is a huge course and we are only touching on it for a week. Try and immerse yourself in some of the styles of jazz. This is probably the one genre not often listened to by many. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste and takes time. Sometimes, you just need to be exposed to some of the styles and you’ll find something you enjoy and add to your playlist. You are to choose 2 selections from the week’s listening assignments in the classroom. The other 4 selections will be your own choosing from any of the style’s of jazz included in your readings this week. Make sure you are addressing the style of jazz you are choosing. All 4 of the additional choices will need to include either a sound clip, link, or video to where the selection is located. You must discuss the style of jazz you’ve chosen and why. You may make some comparisons of your selections, but it is not necessary unless you’d like to include it. There are literally so many, many songs and styles out there. I would like you to focus more on style qualities than anything. Focus in on what makes each of your choices unique. Is it something you will choose to listen to again? Why/why not? Is jazz new to your ear? Share some of your thoughts. So, in the end you will have 6 individual selections. Two from the assigned folder and the other 4 are totally your choice. Provide me with links to your choices. Make sure you correctly write the titles. These should be treated like a book title. Capitalize, etc. as expected. Your log should be one typed page using Times 12pt. font and single-spaced. Save your document in rtf, docx, or pdf and upload to the assessments area of each week.

WK6LOG.docx WK6LISTENING.docx PartVIIIJazz.pdf

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Due on: February 28, 2020 00:00

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