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It is a research/proposal paper.

It is a research/proposal paper. It has to be 7 pages double spaced. It is about the country Slovakia and its relationship with the eu and usa. The paper has to include topics such as military defense, the three seas agreement, economy, trade agreements, NATO agreements, and other topics that Slovakia has taken a position on that can be tied to the USA and the European Union. The clear positions that Slovakia has taken and how they effect the position the european union has taken and how it relates back to the united states must all be included. This does not have to be overly complicated. Each topic can makeup a section of the paper and under each section you can have background information on the topic as it relates to Slovakia and its relationship with the United states, as well how it relates to the EU. The section can also include proposals of how to better position the country and also what other countries within the EU would support or oppose the proposal. Again, this is only 7 pages double spaced and has several subsections so for example if the the first topic is trade deals you can began with an introduction on trade deals that involve Slovakia and the USA and how the EU plays a role. Next, you could state how the trade deals works and how it was negotiated, followed by proposals on how you could better the position of Slovakia. Lastly, whether any countries within the EU would oppose or support your proposal. The core of this is to have topics that Slovakia has taken a clear position on that involve the USA and also mention the European Unions role in it. I have given a longer than needed description of the assignment in order to assure you have a clear idea of what to write on. I have circled the topic and underlined the country I represent. - Your capacity to define a coherent position of your State on every topic. - Your capacity of persuasiveness and argumentation - Propositions made and the strength of your conviction - Eloquence and behaviour - Quality of negotiation in general - Relevance of questions and critical thinking Others Beyond all this information, you are free to lead the negotiation as you wish. The more there are debates and controversies, the more the exercise is interesting. The idea is to find a minimal common position. You don't have to agree with everything and everybody. Even if you will be confronted to a stressful situation, the objective is also for you to enjoy playing your new role. My last advice would be: enjoy it professionally! NEGOCIATION 1: EU-Refugee crisis EU-Italy-Malta- Greece- Spain- - Germany-Poland- France- Austria • - SA relations EU- Poland-Germany- France-Italy-WQ,,/iki - Denmark- Czech Republic

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