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Intro To Criminal Justice Term Paper

Use of Force in the city of Ferguson. There is paper detailed instruction and abstract in the uploaded files. please follow all instructions INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE Prof. McCall - Fall 2020 Term Paper Assignment Instructions Paper Due 5/5/20 at 11:59 pm THE PAPER: Students will be required to elect to investigate a single theory, concept, or topic discussed in class and/or readings. The paper must include (if relevant), but is not limited to, the following information: 1. A definition of the theory or concept; 2. What is the theory or concept designed to explain; 3. How is this theory or concept employed (examples); 4. The theory or concept of historical and current relevance; 5. What are the competing theories, concepts, and/or laws in this area of study; and 6. Why you choose this theory or concept. Your paper should draw from information gathered from a minimum of TEN (more sources are better) scholarly sources. Sources must be numbered in your bibliography/reference page. Sources cannot rely largely or entirely on information gathered from websites or assigned readings. The paper should not be less than 5 pages or more than 7 pages in length, double - spaced, 12-point Times Roman font, and in APA format. Take care to ensure that you are citing sources appropriately, as your paper must be submitted through “Turnitin” and will be checked for plagiarism. Resources: ➢ Text Book and BB Readings (topics) – MAY NOT BE USE AS A SOURCE! ➢ APA Format – Also, see YouTube for further examples. ➢ Turnitin – YouTube – https// See Mrs. Crawford in the Criminal Justice library/Rutgers Law Library -Newark for help finding resources. Note: The summary represents 5% of your paper grade. If you state a fact, theory, etc. – cited it. The Title Page, an Abstract, & Bibliography/Reference pages are not counted as pages of the paper. Paper Topic Use of Force within the Ferguson Police Department. This is my topic of choice because I have been keen on understanding the basis for use of force by Police Officers, also in one of my other classes this is a topic of serious debate. There appears to be an obvious bias in the use of force ratios against blacks compared to against whites; In reading and researching, Ferguson is a place where this is apparent and has been investigated and reported about. I will be using scholarly journals and articles to argue for the presence of a bias in the use of force by the Police officers of the Ferguson Police Department and will also argue against this as well to show both sides of the argument.

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