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Influencing Social Change

Influencing Social Change Individuals with psychiatric mental health disorders are frequently stigmatized not only by society as a whole, but also by their friends, family, and sometimes healthcare providers. In your role, however, you have the opportunity to become a social change agent for these individuals. Consider how you might make a positive impact for your clients and advocate for social change within your own community. Reflect on how you might influence social change for psychiatric mental health. an explanation of how you, as a nurse, might become a social change agent for psychiatric mental health. Include how you might advocate for change within your own community. References Rothman, D. J. (1994). Shiny, happy people: The problem with "cosmetic psychopharmacology.” New Republic, 210(7), 34–38. Attitudes towards psychiatric treatment and people with mental illness: changes over two decades Stigma: Alive and well

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