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In the summer of 1816, Lord Byron hosted a party

In the summer of 1816, Lord Byron hosted a party that included Mary and Percy Shelley, Mary’s sister Claire Carlimont, and Byron’s personal physician, John Polidori. After reading Coleridge’s poem “Christabel,” Byron challenged his guests to each write their own ghost story. From this challenge, of course, both Frankenstein and The Vampyre were born. take on the same challenge! To complete the assignment, do the following: Read the Coleridge’s “Christabel” Write a ghost story inspired by the materials you have read and watched in this class, You can be creative with this essay, just not too gory please. Between 350 and 500 words Just basically create a folktale story inspired from all the stories i have sent you and with your imagination! or even some movies/tv you have seen related to vampire/werewolves, However try to be more inspired from the readings i have sent you the "Christabel"

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