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In each of the 4 research scenarios and datasets below.

1. Read about the variables present, and formulate your default expectations about the relationship between two variables or groups. State these as your null and alternate hypotheses for this problem. Feel free to re-code the data to help formulate your hypothesis (for example, splitting a continuous measurement into two ordinal groups, "High" and "Low".) 2. What sort of measurements would help you evaluate your null hypothesis? compute sample statistics (center, dispersion, correlation) that will allow you to see if the data is consistent with yournull or alternate hypothesis? 3. Create a graph that visually depicts the relationship between the variables in your hypothesis. Does the graph provide convincing evidence for one of your hypothesis? Explain why or why not. Scenario 1 The _le BodyFat.csv contains Body Fat percentage measurements, age, weight, density, height, and various body part circumference measurements. for over 200 male subjects. Scenario 2 The _le BestCity.csv contains various measurements of quantities associated with the quality of life in a collection of 20 different cities across the US. Scenario 3 The _le Normtemp.csv contains various average body temperature, gender, and heart rates for 130 participants. Scenario 4 The _le Titanic.csv contains information on those aboard the Titanic passenger class (0-crew, 1-_rst, 2-second, 3-third), Adult (1-yes, 0-no), Gender (0-Women, 1-Men), and survival status (1-yes, 0-no). Due 3/13/20 1

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