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Identify various strategies for coping with illness.

Overview You will participate in a discussion activity to identify various strategies for coping with illness. You may want to write your answers on a word processor before posting the answers on the forum. Let’s get started. Assignment Description In the last few weeks, we have discussed a person’s health managing can be shaped by their coping strategies. In this assignment, we will watch a video of a person’s illness experience and explore the different ways a healthcare provider can influence a person’s coping strategies. 1. First, watch Allison-a woman with fibromyalgia: 2. Second, answer the following questions: Please label your answers clearly. A. Identify 3 ways she used emotion-focused coping. Be sure to explain WHY it is an emotion-focused coping strategy. B. Identify 3 ways she used problem-focused coping. Be sure to explain WHY it is a problem-focused coping strategy. C. Between problem-focused coping and emotion-focused coping, which one is better? Why? D. If you would like Allison to adopt more problem-focused coping, what would you do? Why? E. Are there situations that you may want to encourage someone to adopt emotion-focused coping? Name two scenarios that you’d do so. Reminders: 3. For questions A and B, depending on how you explain a coping strategy, a coping strategy may be an emotion-focused coping, a problem-focused coping, or both. Thus, the grading is based on your explanation, not just the specific examples you provided. 4. For Question D, be sure to use theoretical construct (i.e., self-efficacy) to explain your reasoning. 5. Word Count: I expect a word count of 800-1000. Instructions Submit posts by clicking the Add new discussion topic button below. Grading This assignment is worth 15 points.

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